Bogdan Alexe

Media Director

My Background

I’m a creative millennial with over 10 years of experience as a digital content producer in a variety of sectors including business travel, events, corporate-comms, education, entertainment and even FM radio. 

Why I Work Here

They are so contemporary and their concept and strategy are NOW! The team is young and full of ideas and I’m excited to be part of KATALYST’s journey to becoming the network of networks: a digital reinventing of executive networking as we know it. 

About Me

Hey, I’m Bogdan, a story teller at heart and owner of my own content agency hitplay. :)

My mission in marketing is to give stories the voice they deserve. I found my passion for filmmaking at a very early age, and over the last 10 years I have produced countless hours of engaging media content for SMEs and complex businesses.


For a while, I even worked in a radio station, hosting a very energetic show called ‘Hype O’Clock’, which innovated thought its visualisation on social media.  In recent years I used to travel the world, capturing high-end content…but that’s on hold for now. Oh, and I have my own YouTube channel :)

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