Color Innovators Working Group

Group Charter

Today’s color professionals face unprecedented and exciting social, artistic and scientific evolutions. From the fast-paced world of fashion to the revolutions in the automotive landscape, almost every sector and company around the world makes strategic and tactical color decisions every day. Keeping up with amazing innovations in color creation, science and analytics is a serious challenge for any color executive. Our mission is to equip global color professionals with the network, knowledge and skills required to navigate today's fast-changing world of color innovation.

Group Themes

At this time, M&A Strategy Group is focused generally on these major themes:

  • Developing and implementing a color strategy

  • Understanding and applying color data and analytics

  • Developing and deploying color intelligence insights platforms

  • Understanding the next generation of color technologies and techniques

  • The latest developments in color tech investments and platforms

  • AI and machine learning innovations and their impact on color design, chemistry and applications

  • Global color industry outlook and impact on sectors and industries

  • Color innovation research and next-generation applications

Group Leader

Anat Lechner, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Stern School of Business, New York University

Anat Lechner is the co-founder of HUEDATA, a color analytics and analysis platform.

She is also a Clinical Associate Professor of Management and Organizations at NYU Stern. Professor Lechner earned her Ph.D. in Organization Management from Rutgers University in 2000.


A recipient of the GE Teaching Excellence award, Professor Lechner's research focuses on how organizations can best structure to develop innovation capabilities and outcomes. Her research encompasses various areas including the effective leverage of multidisciplinary teams, leading adaptive change, and the development of workplace environments supportive of creativity and innovation.

Her current work looks at the complexities of managing high performance cross-functional teams, and the ways by which physical workplace environments enable organization members to cope with uncertainty, change, and the demand for increased innovativeness.

Professor Lechner is also involved in Management Consulting and Senior Executive Action Learning. A former Research Fellow at McKinsey & Co. and the founder of a boutique management consulting firm, her client list includes Fortune 500 firms in the Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Energy, Food, High Tech and Retail industries.

Professor Lechner's teaching portfolio includes a great variety of organization management courses including Managing Change, Managing High Performing Teams, Managing Organizations, Collaboration, and Strategy in the undergraduate, M.B.A., and Executive M.B.A. programs at the Stern School.

Member Profiles

Members are senior leaders in color strategy, design, R&D and manufacturing roles across multiple sectors and geographies.

Group Leader Introduction

Meet Dr. Anat Lechner in this brief conversation with KATALYST CEO Carlos Alvarenga.

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