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"Metaphors can be clarifying for businesses in transition. Think of moving from a swim team to water polo, from track to soccer, from instrumental soloist to a jazz band, or even from stand-up comedy to membership in an improv troupe. In each case, strong individual performers shift from an environment that tracks and rewards independent effort to one of interdependence, in which success is determined by cooperation."

Human After All: Organizational Change’s Critical People Factor

Bain & Company

Group Leaders

All group leaders bring a unique combination of cutting-edge thought leadership and dedication to making insights actionable for members. 

Their role is to enable insight discovery, provide expert interpretation and deep context, and to set the overall themes and agenda to maximize value for members and their sponsor organizations. 

Active Leaders

Finance & Economics

Michael Weber, PhD

M&A Strategy

Andrey Golubov, PhD

Logistics & Transportation

Wolfgang Lehmacher

Cyber Risk

Raj Samani

Cyber Risk

Troels Oerting

Color Innovation

Anat Lechner, PhD

Joining in 2021

Climate Change Strategy

Raz Godelnik

Strategic Projects

Alex Budzier, PhD

Autonomous Vehicles

John Blair

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