Morgan McDonald


My Background

After many years of working for nonprofits, I decided to make the switch to the corporate world. I began working at World 50 on the memberships team. My work with global Chief Supply Chain Officers taught me the importance of adaptable efficiency and bold leadership. 

Why I Work Here

To me, storytelling is an art form. My work at KATALYST affords me the opportunity to connect with unique and inspiring leaders around the world. Through our content model, we've created a platform that aids them in telling their stories to a global audience of executives.

About Me

I am a passionate nature lover and adventure seeker. When I'm not working (and not in quarantine), you can find me testing out a new Korean recipe, or planning my next big hike all while listening to a podcast. I currently reside in Atlanta with my boyfriend, James, and our fluffy cat, Mr. Beans.

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