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"Contemporary companies face a radically changed environment. Technology has had a profound impact on business and the economy. In the past 30 years, for example, the internet has facilitated global connection between nearly everybody — and nearly everything. Nearly, because there is still room for fuller and richer connections to everybody and everything."

It's time to build 21st century companies: Learning to thrive in a radically different world

McKinsey & Co.

Our Model

Our proprietary virtual working group model is always focused on a complex business challenge and built around the expert insights of a world-class thought leader.


Working groups meet twice a month with the leader and invited experts to understand a key issue, co-create deeper insights and establish collaboration opportunities inside and outside the group.


All members are carefully vetted to ensure that the work of the group is beneficial to their sponsor organization and that their participation brings value to all members.

Other Groups

As an added key benefit, membership in any of our group allows a member access to key insights from other groups and from global events, courses and content created for all KATALYST members worldwide.


All members have access to our private member app and integrated collaboration site so they can connect and access all KATALYST videos and content in between group meetings. 

Code of Conduct

All meetings are private and we have a clear code of conduct that prohibits vendors, media or unvetted guests at all times.


Who can join a KATALYST group?

Groups are open to any senior business leader anywhere in the world. Membership is open to all industries.

How often does a group meet?

Groups will meet live virtually for 2 hours each month under the direction of the group leader. Each working session features an expert guest who discuss in-depth an innovation, company, research project or technical advancement.

How do groups meet?

Groups meet virtually. All group meetings are recorded and available on a private video channel for 24/7 member access.

Is there a member support team?

Yes. There is a team available to help members with any issue that may arise and to help facilitate connections to other members.

Are vendors allowed to join a group?

We have a strict no-selling code of conduct by which all members must abide while they are in the network. If a member actively promotes their products or services, they will be excluded from a group.

How large is a group?

Group size is set by the leader but is generally limited to 50 members worldwide.


Can competitors join?

Yes. Competitors may join a group. Any prospective member may request a confidential conflict check prior to joining a group.

Can academics or non-profits get a reduced membership fee?

Yes. There are reduced membership fees for academic and non-profit members.

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